Assimilating best energy consumption practices in Bangalore (2008-09)

Client: Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM)

Objective: The project aimed to examine how the lifestyle change approach by assimilating best energy consumption practices will influence the customers and assist them to reduce the electricity consumption.

Findings: Out of the total sample of 1700 customers, 363 customers showed reduction in power consumption from the year 2008 to 2009. The 363 customers reduced power at rate of 115 kWh per installation and 19 kWh per month. In the total sample, around 90% of the customers had agreed to change simple behavioral activities such as keeping lamps clean, maximum usage of sunlight, switching off the main supply when going out of the house etc. CSD recommended that the consumers need to make smarter choices and change habits to conserve more energy.

National Green Skills Conference 2017

                 "Green Skills for Green Economy" 

                   6th & 7th July 2017 @ NIMHANS Convention Centre , Bangalore

CSD in association with NSDC successfully conducted the National Green Skills Conference,2017. More than 200 participants and 50 delegates from various Renewable energy and skill development institutions attended the two days long conference and made it a grand success. 

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